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ℹ️Fa’amolemole utagia mai taimi ma nofoaga nei e fa’atino ai la tatou a’oa’oaoga mo au fai palota.

ℹ️Please see below the Training Schedule and Venue for Polling Officials.

🏛️Venue : TATTE Conference Center

Monday 01st February 2021
(Session 1: 10:00AM – 11:30AM/Session 2: 12:30PM – 1:30PM)

Tuesday 02nd February 2021
(Session 1: 10:00AM – 11:30AM/Session 2: 12:30PM – 1:30PM)

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✅Ia e mautinoa ala e fa’atino ai lau palota.
✅Get to know the voting process.

💯Be ready to vote

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‼️Are you ready to vote?‼️

✅Be inspired
✅Be a responsible citizen.
✅Prepare to vote

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🌺Manuia le Tausaga Fou Samoa.
Here’s to a 2021 full of hope and guided by faith.

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🌅As the sun sets on 2020, we offer our sincerest gratitude for your support.
🙏🏼Faafetai Samoa.

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🖤"As public servants, we are at the public’s disposal every day for every minute of our lives," the Statesman.

🎄Wishing everyone a safe and merry Christmas and a successful New Years. From the team at OEC.

🎅Manuia tele le Kerisimasi ma le Tausaga Fou.

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Almost 60 years in the making. A seed that was planted by our forefathers has come to life. It is now up to this generation and beyond to nurture it to ensure its fruition. #wehavearrived #butthejourneygoesonHouse passes L.T.C. bills by 41 to 4 votes
….supported by 84% of the villages & matais

By: Nanai Taofiga Laveitiga Tuiletufuga

84% of villages and matais support the three government sponsored legislative measures popularly referred to as the Lands and Titles Court bills 2020.

Labelled by the opponents to the bills as a government ploy to control the Lands and Titles Court and to gain control of communal land ownerships for the purpose of selling communal lands through mortages, the LTC bills were approved with amendments by 41 sitting members versus 4 MP’s who voted against the legislations after 8 long hours of debate by the House yesterday.
Prior to tabling the Committee’s findings, Minister of Justice Faaolesa Katopau Ainu’u told the House that the country unanimously support the amendments in the three bills as reflected by the 84% endorsement at the conclusion of a review by a House appointed Committee to garner the opinions of the public.

Village councils and matais across the country in both Upolu, Savai’i and Manono were afforded the opportunity to register their viewpoints with the Committee during its nationwide public hearings.
In his Ministerial address, Faaolesa a lawyer by profession, revealed that the Committee’s review found that 84% of the country had registered their support with 13% not in favor while 3% of village councils and matais who registered their views with the Committee were undecided.

He added that while the 3% were undecided they had recommended to the Committee to consider more amendments in particular the proposal for the number of sao’s limited to 5 as prescribed in the amendments.

The 13% of villages and matais opposing the bill did not provide “any options” to Parliament to proceed in finding answers to complaints from the country pertaining to the performance by the Lands and Titles Court in recent years, added the Justice Minister.

“Those who oppose the legislative amendments outright did not support the amendment to include communal rights based on their interpretation that the rights of individuals will be removed and replaced by the rights of village councils and matais,” explained Faaolesa. “Secondly, they also noted that the new Lands and Titles Court will lead to potential conflict as their will be two Chief Justices at the helm of the Legislative Branch.”

Also the Appeal Process coupled with the change of land ownership to communal land, added Faaolesa were also cited by the matais to justify their opposition.

However he countered the concerns noting that the changes will not remove the individual rights of any citizen as mandated by the constitution.

What the amendments propose is for the rights of communal leaders, village councils and matais to be recognized by law. “To that effect, individual rights are maintained and not removed while for the first time since our Independence communal rights for village leaders and matais will be recognized by law,” added Faaolesa.

He also disagrees with claims of two Chief Justices and reassured that the current post of Chief Justice will lead the Judiciary Branch and there is no reference in the new law to suggest otherwise.
As for the Appeal process, the Minister says that he fully agrees with former CJ Tiavaasue Patu Falefatu Sapolu that the new changes will finally see justice for families whose appeals have been delayed for years and some for over a decade noting that the process will also be accountable and fair to all parties.

Faaolesa also noted that there is no proof or any reference in the law to support the claim that the amendments will result in change in communal land ownership. He says that assumption is based on predictions and not factual.

To address the multiple concerns from the Judges and Samoa Law Association, an Independent Legal Panel was established by Government.

The panel members included a former Attorney General, a Former President of the Samoa Law Society, a former Chief Executive with the Samoa Land Reform Commissioner and a former Director of the Legal Division Commonwealth Secretariat.

And the panel’s findings are included in the amendments and had also addressed the concerns raised.

The overhaul to the Lands and Titles Court has been under Parliament’s microscope since 2016 following a Commission of Inquiry whose report and recommendations was approved by the House.

The amendments as stated time and again by Government is to answer the high number of complaints from families questioning the performance and services by the Lands and Titles Court over the past years.

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Happy Human Rights Day.. proud of our OEC team of Sipaia, Ferron, June, Noel and Lance, which took part in today’ activities and won some key prizes…malo team…

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🇼🇸Introducing our last but certainly not the least, the Division for Corporate Service.

➡️This highly motivated team are responsible for:

➡️Effective management of finance and human resources against objectives and targets
➡️Ensure learning and development of staff towards high performance
➡️ Create a culture of continuous improvement
➡️Create and uphold values and ethical culture of OEC and Public Servant
➡️Contribute inputs in pursuit of strategic direction for OEC.

✅Lead by Assistant Electoral Commissioner Vitilevu Simati 🤩

Folks. Say hi

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✅Please note the following when requesting for Final Electoral Roll – 2021 General Election

🟪Paper Format- by Request of ONE day for the price of $30.00

🟪Electronic Format- Please provide a NEW or FORMATTED Flash Drive for the price of $30:00


Thank you

Office of the Electoral Commission.

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📇 Final Electoral roll for the 2021 General Election will be ready on:

➡️ Wednesday, 2nd of December 2020.

🔴 It will be available in the following;

➡️Paper Format- By Request for the price of $30.00

➡️Electronic Format- Bring a flash drive for the price of $30.00

For more information please contact telephone numbers 24538/25967 & 28830.

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📣Announcement: Polling Officials Training for Savai’i.

✅Date: Thursday 3rd December 2020
⛔️Morning Session – Registration: 9:30am – Session Starts – 10:00am
⛔️Afternoon Session -Registration 12:30pm – Session Starts – 1:00pm

✅Friday 4th December 2020
⛔️Morning Session -Registration: 9:30am-Session Starts – 10:00am
⛔️Afternoon Session -Registration 12:30pm -Session Starts – 1:00pm

⛔️Venue: Don Bos-co Hall Salelologa

✅For all Public Servants and Private Sector employees mention in list, please be advised and take note of date and time for Trainings.

For more information please contact email address: or telephone numbers 24538 ext 427&428

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✅Third Cohort of Polling Officials Trainings for Upolu.

✅Date: Monday 30th November 2020
⛔️Registration: 1:00pm – Session Starts – 1:30pm

✅Tuesday 1st December 2020
⛔️Morning Session -Registration: 9:30am-Session Starts – 10:00am
⛔️Afternoon Session -Registration 12:30pm -Session Starts – 1:00pm

⛔️Venue: TATTE Conference Center, Sogi

✅For all Public Servants and Private Sector employees mention in list, please be advised and take note of date and time for Trainings.

For more information please contact email address: or telephone numbers 24538 ext 427&428

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➡️The Office of the Electoral Commission successfully concluded the last two days Electoral Officers training on Wednesday 18 October 2020.

➡️Our mantra is to promote the professionalization of electoral administration trough the establishment of trainings, ensuring that they obtain the necessary expertise and competency to make our General Election procedures comply with standard.

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