Office of the Electoral Commissioner
We will be guided by the following principles and values in addition to the Public Service Code of Conduct:

Maintain the confidence of electors/voters, candidates, political parties and parliament in the integrity of the electoral process by being legally and in practice independent of all political parties and interest groups; and
are individual and collectively subject to the Electoral Act in carrying out our statutory functions

Carry out our statutory functions in a politically neutral and non-partisan manner; and
treat all voters, candidates and political parties fairly and impartially and in accordance with the law.

Provide electoral services to voters, candidates and political parties in ways which are easily understood as simple as possible, consistent with the law and minimise compliance costs;
Ensure that all sections of the community have ready access to the electoral process in accordance with their needs;
Provide an effective service to electors and voters;
Make information on our activities readily available to the public and the media;
Have transparent and fair procedures in place to deal promptly with complaints of impropriety;
Maintain a commitment to ensuring the integrity of the electoral process in accordance with the law;
Carry out our statutory functions in a fair, accurate, secure and timely manner;
Ensure that our employees behave in their public and private lives in ways which are consistent with the highest standards of independence and political neutrality;
Keep electoral registration under review and report to Parliament through the responsible Minister on desirable changes to electoral legislation;
Continually evaluate our provision of electoral services and internal and external procedures to ensure they are in accordance with the law, are meeting user’s needs, are as simple, efficient and effective as possible, and use appropriate information technology; and
keep up to date with best information democratic electoral practice.

Make efficient and effective use of financial and other resources to carry out our, statutory functions;
Have clear financial and operational responsibilities and accountabilities under appropriate governance structure;
Set budgets according to objectives and regularly measure performance against objectives;
Are prudent with the use of public money;
Undertake regular independent auditing of financial and operational performance; and
Provide Parliament with comprehensive, accurate and timely reports on our activities, including our capacity to conduct electoral events.

Are innovative and open to ideas;
Share ideas for improvement; and
Ask “why” we do things the way we do.

Show respect for individual uniqueness, diversity and privacy.

Respond promptly and accurately to requests for information about electoral matters;
Are responsive to those who use our services;
Are open to different perspectives;
Are open to change; and
provide public information without judging the person asking for it.

Care primarily about outcomes being achieved, not who does the work;
Will work with others and share ideas; and
are pragmatic in prioritizing projects and use of resources.